Wednesday, May 11, 2016

How I became a barista and how it's like working as one.

It surprises me that people still don't know what does 'barista' means. Barista is defined as 'a person whose job involves preparing and serving different types of coffee'. I was working as one for 5 months and basically, I make coffee and serve it to customers. It's my longest job to date, providing me something legal to do and earning some pocket money during my wait (still waiting for at time of writing. 9 months and counting.)

(I'm putting the word 'legal' in because I'm still feeling a bit bitter about the fact that some of my friends actually took the opportunity to do illegal locum. Hey ho, that's people to you.)

After my final professional examination (which was in August 2015), I told myself to enjoy my holidays but as usual, I got bored and restless and found myself a job as a research assistant. But it wasn't a satisfying job because:

1. I have to travel all the way to PJ on weekdays.
2. Get stuck in the jam for a total of 2 hours in the mornings and evenings. (I despise traffic jam.)
3. I was not guaranteed pay.

The last one was the deal breaker. Being RA was enjoyable. I met new people who are as crazy minded as me and they share my enthusiasm for science but I'm not going to torture myself just to hang out with people I just met, however amazing they are. So I quit after a month. Au revoir

But before I quit, I already knew I will be bored doing nothing at home so I took the opportunity to look for jobs while at work. This I learnt from my co-worker who was browsing during work hours. I was slightly better and scrolled though job websites during lunch break. None of the jobs from job search websites satisfied me. It then occur to me people like to post job vacancies in my residential community Facebook page! A quick search revealed a small cafe offering a job as a barista. A few Facebook messages and quick meet up later, I got the job!

To me, it's another experience in learning something new and I'm very grateful for that. Learning new things is what I live for! 

So here's what I've learned!

The most important part of the coffee is the coffee itself. In cafes, we use espresso machines and extract the coffee from ground coffee. All coffee drinks have espresso as the base. The protocols of making espresso are as below:

1. Grind 9g of coffee.
2. Place coffee powder in portafilter.
3. Tamp coffee.
4. Lock portafilter with coffee onto the espresso machine.
5. Pull a shot of espresso (or two when you used double the amount of coffee for long black).

And that's it!

A single shot of espresso.

Long black (or Americano as some customer call it) is easy because it's two shots of espresso with hot water. But how about milk based drinks like latte and mocha? I have to learn to steam milk and that's where the challenge comes! 

I remember having palpitations during my first week of work, also my training week. I worried about wasting milk because I oversteamed the milk or created unsatisfactory foam. Milk which I destroyed can only be used in cooking and cannot be steamed again. Of course you can drink it but we are all lactose intolerant so most of the milk goes down the drain by the end of the day >.< But I got it within 2 days, to everyone's relieve. My boss especially because any milk that goes down the drain also means his money goes down the drain haha.

But that's just the beginning! 

Because now I have to pour the milk and MAKE LATTE ART.

It did not start out well. 

I got even more nervous because not only am I wasting milk at this point of the training, I was also wasting the coffee and other powder of the drink I'm making (like green tea powder, chocolate powder and masala chai powder). I can never get the foam to flow out with the milk and I end up having to scoop the foam out and dotting the top of the drink with some foam. But I can't let my customers have such a hideous cup of coffee! So I swirled some foam around with the crema to achieve a sunburst effect.

After watching many Youtube latte art videos, stalking professional baristas on Instagram and much practice on my super busy first Sunday, I finally manage to make a heart without fumbling.

And other rudimentary success followed as well. Like my first fern like art.

They look pretty similar o.O Notice how the outline of the design is not really defined because while my milk steaming is acceptable, it's not ideal and I ended up with less than perfect foam for pouring latte art.

Once I got that down (phew!), it's easy to forget about the other aspects of the drink. As a barista, pulling a shot and steaming milk is very much protocol and you kind of just put it at the back seat and concentrate more on making a beautiful cup of coffee but that's not what a good cup of coffee is all about. 

I forgot that. Luckily it was the beginning of my job, maybe the 2nd or 3rd week in. My boss was heading off somewhere and requested for a cup of cappucino. I made him one, topping it with a heart. He drive off and returned 10 minutes later, claiming my coffee as undrinkable. I was so obsessed with making more foam for the cappuccino I overheated the milk and it made the drink flat. 

He was late for his other commitments but made me practice and made few cups of coffee before he was satisfied before heading off again. I took a photo of it after he left haha.

 Notice how the foam looks smoother as it progresses? I was too obsessed with making foam for the first (far left) cup. There was a lot of foam initially and there was a nice heart art too but the foam was too unstable due to overheating and it deteriorated into that pile of... mess. The last cup looks tempting because the foam is so silky smooth :) Feels like it can glide on your tongue to the back of your throat.

Since then, I have progressed loads! Haha perasannya. Maybe not a lot but I was definitely way better after months of serving coffee to customers. It was very satisfying to serve a good and pretty cup of coffee to my customers. It also makes me so happy to see them remark on how cute the art is and looking at them take photos of the drink I just served them.

The cafe I work for is frequented by young families, solo businessman and the occasional couples. For solo male businessman, I avoid serving them drinks with heart latte art on top because I'm afraid they will get the wrong message hahaha. Same goes to the guy when I'm serving couples. I don't want the girlfriend to think I'm subtly giving the guy some kind of message.

Speaking of that reminded me of two couples I've served.

Following my principle, I only make a heart for the lady. The first couple is an elderly couple, in their late 50s probably. I served the lady a cup of latte with heart shape on top. I then served another latte with a many-tiered tulip art (which is more difficult to make by the way!) for the guy and he gave me a pitying look after I served him and commented, 'How come I don't get a heart as well?' 

Sorry lor :(

Then another time I was serving this young couple, around my age. This time after I served the two of them, the girl commented to her boyfriend on why did she get such a simple art (the heart) whereas the guy got the complicated design. Girl, I'm not trying to hit on your boyfriend ok! My plan backfired on me for this particular case haha.

But my favourite customers are always young families because they bring along the cutest kids who loves it when I hide behind the counter and play peek-a-boo with them. That, and their parents tend to order hot chocolate for them. Kids can't really tell whether the milk is steamed properly and they prefer cooled down drinks anyway so I get to take my time making...

Cute animal latte art!

Technically, this is consider latte etching because you draw on it rather than making purely with the milk foam. Making art this way is not ideal because the art won't lasts as long and the drink has cooled down considerably before you even serve it to the customers. But that's what makes it ideal for kids! When I serve the kids, they will first shout out, 'BEAR!/CAT!/etc' (depends on what I made) before destroying the art as soon as possible (after their parents took a photo). I usually make a bear but sadly I do not have a photo of a bear latte art :( Those must be made on busy days when I don't have time to take photos. And because it has cooled down, the kids can drink it immediately once I serve it.

I'm entitled to one free drink per day (Thanks boss!). I don't usually exploit this work benefit of mine but when I do, I use the chance to experiment with latte art that I won't ever serve customers.

Like this Chucky like latte art. It will give kids nightmares.

Most of the time, I prefer to serve customers tulip because it looks more complicated than a simple heart but truthfully, it's easier to make because a heart needs to be symmetrical to look good whereas a tulip doesn't really need a perfect symmetry. 

Notice how later on my art becomes more defined and cleaner compared to when I first started. This is the difference of a better quality foam. Also, I think this is mocha, my favourite drink to make latte art because it's darker than all the other drinks so the latte art really pops out. 

I only manage to master a rosetta towards my last week of work hahaha. How pathetic is that. But hey at least I did it woohoo!

Digressing: The red shiny thing is a tamper, to flatten the coffee grind so that water can push through the closely packed coffee and extract coffee from it.

Funny thing is even though I'm a barista, I can't tolerate coffee. Even a half cup of latte gave me palpitations and GIT reactions. Even my boss give me a weird eye when I told him I do not drink coffee when I first started work. He has his reasons to be worried. But when customers don't complain about my drinks and his regular customers still return to the shop after I served them, I guess he felt I'm competent enough la hahaha. Maybe that's why I'm more obsessed with the aesthetics of the drinks (as you can see my what I typed) rather than how it taste.

All in all, I am grateful to have a chance to try something new in life. While some people opt to return to work in our own field (dentistry), my mentality is why not try something completely unrelated to my own field and learn something absolutely new? Overall, it's not an strenuous job and I enjoyed every second of it.

I initially planned to work here till February because we have anticipated to get our dental jobs in February but when that did not happen, my boss willingly let me worked longer. Eventually I was made redundant at the end of March because I was travelling way too much for his liking hahaha. He needs someone to be around most of the time and I need to satisfy my wanderlust and thus ended my job as a barista.

Till we meet again, espresso machines of the world. Hopefully my skills as a barista will come to good use, one day. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Solo Travel is WAY overrated.

Across the Internet, you see people gush on and on about the wonders of solo travel.

Don't believe me? Here are the many examples:

1. From a travel website.

A truly liberating experience: Solo travel is one of most liberating experiences on the planet - you’ve got no responsibilities to anybody but yourself, you can do what you want and leave when you like, and the buzz you get from the sense of freedom is immense.

2, A quote within a nice photo:

(PS: I did travel alone and it was way lonelier than I expected)

3. Another quote:

Inspired by this, I planned a solo trip to Cambodia. Initially, I was even more ambitious and planned a SEA solo trip- Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam and maybe even the Philippines. Obviously, that didn't turn out as plan and I settled with Cambodia only. That was the best decision I made with regards to my trip planning. I am so grateful I didn't have to go through the horror of travelling ALONE.

Haha ok it's not a horror but travelling alone just isn't as fun as travelling with your family and friends.

Searching through the Internet, I find people who went through the same situation as me: Experienced solo travel and feeling utterly betrayed by the people on the Internet. I won't go on bashing about how people lied about how amazing solo travel is. BUT, I am going to explain why solo travel is not for me and change people's perception- how wonderful solo travel is and how it will never fail to change your life- which is moulded by the majority of solo travel blogs which raves about solo travel.


I'm going to address this first because... If you know me personally, you know that I'm a world class kiamsiap person. Kiam siap means stingy by the way. I only spend money on necessary things and things I love and travelling is one of them. But even while travelling, I don't spend unnecessary money and if I do spend the money, I will wonder: Is it possible for me to save more? And in the case of solo travel, the answer is: YES, YES, YOU CAN.

When travelling solo, you have no one to split the cost for the transport, accommodation and also, food (more on this later). For accomodation it wasn't an issue because I stayed in dormitory. Here is how much I spent on tuk-tuk (the main form of transport in Cambodia).

Tuk-tuk: USD111.40

The exchange rate of USD to RM was HORRIBLE at the time of my visit. 1 USD was equivalent to RM4.2. So, USD111.40 would be RM467.88. THAT is a lot. But if I went with another 3 friends (4 people is the most a tuk tuk can hold), I would only need to spend RM116.96, saving me RM350.91. 

That's almost 1/4 of my monthly income as a barista!


As I mentioned before, food is another thing where I can't split the cost. It's easy to save on food, you just eat less and survive more on biscuits and bread. But being Malaysian, one of the reasons I live is to eat, and while travelling, one of my main aim is to try more of the local food. 

Usually I travel with my family and that is the best time when I can try more food. Each of us order different dishes and we try a little of each other's food. That is not possible when travelling solo because I have no one to share my food with! I know I can always order another dish but I wouldn't do that because I can't finish all the food. 


Cambodia's food is nothing to shout about. :X It taste bland compared to all the other food in SEA. With the exception of Laos, I have tried all styles of cooking in the region (I've tried Myanmar food thanks to my Burmese co-worker while working at a cafe) and I have to say, Cambodian cuisine is meh. I don't know why but all of it taste so similar: Slightly too sour, slightly lack of salt, slightly sweet and never just right.

Fish amok. The supposedly most famous dish in Cambodia. It tastes like a watered down version of ikan masak kunyit.

Everytime I travel I will crave Malaysian food after a few days but this is the first time I actually crave for Bak Kut Teh on the 3rd day after leaving the country. T.T


I noticed Caucasians or Asians who hang out with Caucasians either don't take photos at all or they take photos of the place and barely take photos of themselves at the place.

But for Asians, we love to take photos everywhere we go. If not, how would people believe that you 
have been to Angkor Wat or Bayon or other historical monuments around the world? If you show them the awesome photo of Angkor Wat you took, they might think you took it off the Internet! For me I will definitely take a postcard-like photo of the place first then I won't forget to take a photo of myself there. This is easy when you are travelling with your friends and usually I won't miss doing a Scorpion in front of those places.

But alas... No Scorpion photo opportunities in Cambodia. 

By the way, this is how a Scorpion looks like:

I did ask people to help me take a full body photo in front of a few big temples and sites around Cambodia. However, I just can't build up the courage to ask someone to take a photo of me doing a Scorpion. They will definitely laugh at me. That, and I doubt that they can take a nice photo of me doing that as I can only hold the pose for at most 5 seconds. I can't trust strangers to take such a pose when they can't even take a photo of me standing with the sunrise at Angkor Wat, like so:

I just want a clear photo! I've been smiling for 10s and this is what I get.


Ah... This. Travelling solo will definitely make your relatives and friends worried. Travelling solo as a female will freak them out. Travelling solo as an Asian female will give them a major heart attack. One week before my trip was our yearly Chinese New Year reunion and my aunt was asking me if it's possible for me to forfeit my air tickets because 'travelling solo as a girl equates to suicide'. Hahaha actually she just said, 'It is very dangerous to travel alone. You are a girl! Go another time when you find a friend to go with you.' but her expression and tone conveys makes me feel like I'm venturing into the Middle East wearing tank tops and shorts only.

I wasn't that concerned about travelling alone until I saw people warning about the dangers of travelling in Phnom Penh due to the increasing numbers of snatch thieves in Phnom Penh. Truthfully, reading about that gave me nightmares for days before the actual trip and I'm starting to believe what my aunt said is right.

So I packed whistles, alarms and flashlight as a precaution. Also, while in Cambodia, I carried my bags in front of me all the time. Standard precaution as in Malaysia.

In the end? Well I was safe and sound. The only thing that scared me was the stories I heard at S21 Musuem.

However, being constantly vigilant about my environment did interfere with my enjoyment of the trip. I cannot fully immerse myself there because I have to pay attention to my surroundings. On the way from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, I could not sleep because I worry the teenage boy sitting beside me will rob me (I was the only foreigner sitting a packed van). Sorry if I'm making Cambodians sound bad but I was on super high alert. My back was hurting because I have to lug my huge backpack everywhere I can't leave my bag alone for fear of people stealing my bag or worse, people stuffing drugs inside my bag.


I should have seen this coming. It's called 'travelling solo/alone'. In spite of the name, I assumed I am immune to the loneliness since I don't mind not having another person's company while at home/hostel.

But boy, I was wrong. While travelling solo, I realised I love a company of someone I know so I can tell them what I saw and experience. Like the time I saw an outdoor hair saloon, beside the main road. I was so excited and I just feel like telling someone about the unusual sight but then a wave of sadness passed over me when I realised there is no one I can tell face to face =(

I have no to call over when I notice an interesting sight and complaint to when the heat becomes unbearable. No one to help me carry my heavy bag when my shoulders are hurting. Nobody to laugh with when I see a bunch of aunties dancing Sisowath Quay while being taught by a huge male dance teacher. No one who can help me look out for interesting carvings and bas relief at Angkor Wat. It was an endless list of moments which I could have shared with someone but because I was travelling alone, that did not happen.

Nonetheless, I did not regret my experience travelling alone. Cambodia was a beautiful country, especially Angkor Archaeological Park, but with a sad past. I have learnt loads and seen much. Travelling solo was interesting but I will not attempt it again if I can help it. It was not life changing as others have claimed. I did not have a moment of enlightenment and did not feel extra empowered. I just felt like my normal self, with more travel experience and less money hahaha.

Conclusion: Attempt solo travel if you love being alone and also if you really really really want to travel to a country but no friends or family want to go with you. Never give up travelling and adventuring just because you are a girl and no one wants to go with you :) But try to find a buddy to go with you. This is my take on solo travel. There are many obvious advantages to solo travel but to me, they are not worth it without people to share your experiences with.

One of the few photo that other people took that I was pleased with.
Taken at Ta Prohm, one of my top 3 favourite temple.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Reminiscing brought me back here.

I was wondering what happened to few years back and remember the fact that I actually had multiple blogs back in the days. I actually still have a few blogs running but they are all privatised (For my eyes only) and this is the only true blog I have. I actually still have a semi-active Tumblr account, Twitter and (gasp) Instagram which are updated almost daily and let's not forget Facebook. Other than my 8 hour daily sleep, you will definitely find me on Facebook.

Like I was saying, I was reminiscing about back in the days and checked back in this blog. And it made it sad I didn't keep it updated. Hindsight is witch. It is always telling me things I should have done and THIS (blogging) is also one of the things I should have been more active in. Actively blogging would have helped me record down what I did on a daily or weekly basis.

In fact, it would have helped me in my book writing about my 5 years in dental school. I'm pretty serious here. During my final year, I told my friends that I will record down every single horrible thing that one lecturer did to us and publish it in a book. However, that did not happen. Like most university students, the one thing that we are most concerned about is to GRADUATE. To publish blog posts about the blatant favoritism, sexism and racism that occurs in my university will most likely ensure my path to graduation will be made harder than it already is.

Now that I have graduated (but still jobless for 6 months and counting, thanks to the exponential growth of dental schools in Malaysia), I am contemplating on writing what happened. But, to no surprise, I cannot remember accurately all the drama that went on during dental school. I will not forget this particular person who made everybody's life a living hell (and then disappeared into thin air right after we graduated) but what did she actually do to make our life so difficult? I remember things like demanding perfection when it's impossible, double standard (passing someone's competency test while failing someone else who did way better) and having inconsistent demands (one day she will demand for this, another day scold us for doing things the way she wanted us to do the day before). I remember feeling down and depressed thanks to this person but what did she do to trigger all that feelings? Again, I don't remember the exact details and this is why I regret not writing or typing it down right as it happened. Back then, I figured typing it out will make me even more blue so I rather distract myself doing something rather than relieving that moment of terror.

So I guess that book is now a no go, but honestly, who would want to read about the nightmare that is dental school? Dental practitioners probably don't want to relieve the moments of feeling meek and small... Or do they? Now that I think about it, they would probably laugh at what happened during dental school. The moments when they screwed up and got a scolding by the professor who is now their best friend/colleague. The times when they had to chase requirement and competency test and had to hang on to each other for support and the things that brought friends and course mates closer together. Maybe they will think my book is a satirical/ dark humor book because they too experienced it but hey, it's over and it's good for a laugh at the expense of their juniors and future colleagues. As for another target audience, which is dental students, they will probably find it reassuring because they are not the only ones experiencing the horrors and will feel happier because someone else is having it worse than they are. Potential dental students, those who are still in high school or pre-university will probably read it, thinking they will read it to understand what they did to go through to achieve their dream job, will probably be turned off by dental school. Oh or maybe they are so optimistic they will say to themselves, HUH! SO WHAT!? I WILL MAKE IT THROUGH DENTAL SCHOOL BECAUSE I'M AWESOME AND IT WILL BE EASY PEASY! NOTHING WILL MAKE ME GIVE UP MY DREAMS TO BE AN ORTHODONTIST AND BE FILTHY RICH! and then cry themselves to sleep in their kolej kediaman 2-3 years later because their patient release airplane (fong fei kei- last minute back out) from prosthodontic clinic and their backup patient is away on a holiday.

Anyway enough of that rant. My next aim, which I have not acted upon, is to complain to a prominent newspaper about the long wait for posting. Seriously, I'm not joking when I said I have waited for 6 months and still waiting for a job in the government. JUST because our exams are one month later than most universities.

But we are not the ones who had it worst. Apparently some universities have been waiting for 1 year plus and there is still no end in sight whereas some universities who graduated later and waited for a few months got their posting already. I can feel the apprehension emanating from them, wherever they are. You got to wonder though, if the company that is suppose to control who gets the job first is not doing their job fairly (prioritising certain group of people over others), is that why certain people feel free to do things that is clearly borderline torture without regards for people's feelings?

I just wish I get my posting soon now.

(Hi future me, if you are reading this and working as a dental officer/dentist/whatever you are working as, I wonder, do you still remember what happened during dental school?)

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Happy 2014!

Porky has been too busy lazying about to help me post up a new year post!

Pfft. Now I have to do it myself!

HAPPY 2014! 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Malaysian Aboriginals

Ever thought of Orang Asli or Malaysian Aboriginals?

Until recently, I thought Orang Asli are bumiputras such as Kadazandusuns, Iban, Bajaus, Bidayuh, but not Malays. Sometimes, I even use the terms interchangeably. My mom always gave me a weird look when I talk about my 'Orang Asli' friends from university.

When I went to Taman Negara a while back, I was cleared of my misconceptions. Orang Asli are not the ethnic groups from Sabah/Sarawak. They are Orang Asli, another ethnic group on its own. How come I never knew that? Either I have studied it in Sejarah but don't remember it (Hey, who else remembered the contents of Wawasas 2020 which I tried to etch it into my mind the night before SPM paper? I don't. None of it. Conclusion: No one remembers what is mentioned in sejarah textbook.) or it is not mentioned in our history syllabus. If it is the latter, I am really pissed off because as the first settlers of peninsula Malaysia, shouldn't they provide more weight to our history textbook?

Now I know Orang Asli are bumiputras, I know they have the same rights as Malays and the East Malaysian ethnic groups. But when you see their lifestyle, you cringe and wonder: If Malaysia is as prosperous as our politicians say, such that they can even pinch a bit of our prosperity occasionally, why the heck aren't the Orang Asli prospering as well? A 1997 research showed that 80% of Orang Asli live below the poverty line. When I visited the Orang Asli settlement, I doubt that the number has changed much. Probably the percentage of poverty has reduced but not much.

Let's talk about the settlement. They still live in houses hand built from dried leafs and gathered wood, probably rattan (They don't build proper houses. Once someone in their village dies, they will shift somewhere else and build houses at another site. They are nomads). The kids run around unsupervised. There are trash everywhere. EVERYWHERE. It was heartbreaking and such a disgusting sight to behold. The people? They are great and willing to help. The children wear clothes which was probably given to them by visitors. The men are curious and the women are shy. The kids are super duper cute. AAAANNNNND, the most surprising thing about them (To me at least):

They look like black people (Or it's cruder synonym: Negros)

Apparently they are related to the ethnic people of Papua New Guinea. You know, the ones who are black but has blonde hair? See! I know about the ethnics of Papua but I don't even know about Malaysian Orang Asli! Is there something wrong with the way I read, i.e. too much Western publications? But seriously, I don't think there is much publications about our Orang Asli pun. They need a better AJK Publicity (Hoi Jabatan Hal Ehwal Orang Asli, publisiti baik sikit boleh tak?)

Oh PS: Orang Asli are related to the ethnic groups of Papua New Guinea. They travelled here and became the first settlers of this peninsula :)

Seriously, this fact has surprised me so much when I first stepped into the settlement. BLACK PEOPLE!? BLACK PEOPLE HERE IN MALAYSIA?! Well, now I know. They are not 'Black people' but Orang Asli.

My dad asked a really good question when our guide told us the Orang Asli didn't want to leave their nomadic lifestyle eventhough after government's persuasion. 'You sure they didn't want to leave or are you sure our government asked?' I actually don't doubt that the government tried to ask the tribes to live a more modern lifestyle but are they convincing enough? Did they show them how the world is now? Open up their eyes to the 21st century? Maybe they didn't, that's why they are stuck in an era, centuries past. Or maybe they did, but they are just reluctant to leave their traditional lifestyle (My dad's other question as a response to this: You sure? You sure they want to live like this?). Either way, it is something to think about.

We had a walk around the settlement on our own. Then I saw something that was really... Sigh. We saw a little boy, 3-4 years old. With kwashiorkor. KWASHIORKOR in Malaysia. We always see that when we they show posters of malnourished children in Africa but this is in Malaysia. The kid was climbing around on the dirt, the dad beside him but wasn't taking notice of him. Then the kid just dug his hand into the dirt and gobbled down the dirt. Oh my gosh. Eating dirt. I... And you see so many obese people in Kuala Lumpur waddling around. Let the kid take a bite of your fat better than eating dirt. At least he won't get kwashiorkor. Heartbreaking.

Before I end, here is a photo of the tribe chief showing us how he lights a fire. Want to know how he gets to be the chief? It's not because his dad is the ex-chief. The chief is always the 'medic', the one with the most medical knowledge within the group. He is the traditional meds/ob-gyn/er/orthopaedic/paeds/etc doctor all rolled into one. Haha. Probably not a dentist though. An oral surgeon maybe (to extract teeth) but definitely not a periodontist. He is constantly puffing on a cigarette and even though he is considered young, he has lost many of his teeth. Periodontal prognosis: POOR! 

I just can't stop thinking though. White people colonised the lands of the Red Indians (North Americas), Maori (New Zealand), Aboriginals (Australia). The indigenous then have special rights. Not the colonisers. Then in Malaysia?

Sunday, December 1, 2013

It's December!

Stating the obvious is one way to start a blog post (as per my opinion). Of course, if it is unacceptable, please tell me. Maybe a philosophical quote would be better, preferably in Latin (Do you know Germans get to learn Latin as a second language? So cool! A German couple told us when my family were in Taman Negara). Or maybe to you, the sentence ‘It’s December!’ is worth deciphering from the philosophical point of view. Let me just tell you: There is none. I really am just stating the obvious because I have no idea what to write as the title (as always).

So why am I here again? One is because I just went to a happy place! And happy events are always worth blogging down. Oh ok ok, I am also happy during the other times I am not blogging too. So what other reason made me want to blog today? Well, long story short: My lecturer said my English is not up to standard. Yup. Personally I think my English is not too bad (Definitely better than the Malaysian population). But who knows right? Maybe my English really do suck so here is an informal way to practice my English. SPECIALISTS ARE ALWAYS RIGHT! We students are always the wrong ones :)

So what was I saying before? Ah yes, I went to a happy place. At Johor. Guess? NO IT’S NOT HELLO KITTY LAND. But it’s close.

I went to Legoland.

From what I heard from others, Legoland is too costly and not really a nice place to go. And therefore, my expectation was so low, I didn’t have any expectations at all. In fact, I didn’t want to go before that. I had a busy and extremely tiring week but mom insisted I go (You chaperone the kids la… Yes, I’ve finally reached the chaperoning age. Old already.)

Let’s just say, I didn’t regret going.

My new motto in life should be: Don’t have any expectations. Life will turn out better that way.

Italicise it:

‘Don’t have any expectations. Life will turn out better that way’- TPG

Ahah! Now it looks super official!

Uhum, ah yes Legoland. Not going to say much. I will list it out what I observed and may you take it as tips if you are ever going to go there one day ;)

1. It really is a super kid friendly park. The maximum height limit in the whole park is 130cm and my 11 year old brother can ride it all without much complains (Except after he rode The Dragon. It made him nauseated and he had to go to the toilet to puke. But after that he rode it 3 more times, one after the other, without any complain.) If you don't feel like spending all that money going there now, wait till you have children. Bring them there and you will have happy kids. And happy kids = Happy family.

2. Remember to bring sunblock and sunglasses. The sun burns down on us almost the whole day and without sunglasses, we had to squint our eyes against the sun in almost all the picture. Hideous.

3. More importantly! Bring umbrella. One moment we were on the verge of getting sunburnt, dark cumulus nimbus appeared and rained upon us. We were stuck at a café for up to 1 hour before we decide to follow the YOLO concept and ran under the rain to another ride nearby.

4. Go to a pharmacy and buy a cheap one time use raincoat just to play Dino Land. In some ‘river concept’ rides, it depends on your luck whether you will be splashed. This is not one of them. Every single person on the ‘boat’ was drenched from head to toe.

4. We took the normal park + water park package. We went to the normal park first before going to the water park. If I had to go again, I would play at the water park first THEN proceed to the normal park. One reason being water park closes 2 hour earlier. Second, you don’t have to fight for the shower at 6pm when it closes. The shower room as HAVOC. Babies screaming, people glaring at you when you push pass them to go the entrance (We were packed like sardines, what you expect?)

5. Those rides where you have to wait up to an hour to ride? Skip it first. Come back after 6pm. You don’t even have to queue up. The ride managers would even ask you if you want to go again. Of course yes lah! (That’s how we rode The Dragon 3 times at one go. We were so immune to the G force by then I was closing my eyes and almost falling asleep. Hey, can’t blame me! I was chaperoning the kids *and being a kid also haha*)

6. The water park? Meh, wasn’t that special. In fact, it doesn’t look very ‘Lego’, except the Build-It Raft. THAT, is a really cute and creative ride that has a more Lego component. It’s just like the typical ‘river’ where you lie on a raft and float around the park but for this particular ride, there are floating Lego! Palm sized plastic Lego! So adorable :3 While floating you can build Lego structures using the plastic Legos.

7. We left Miniland as the last place to go. Not a good choice if you want to take amazing pictures of those delicate gorgeous handmade Lego structures. They are really jaw dropping. I can’t even build a house and they built KL cityscape, Tanah Lot of Bali, Angkor Wat of Cambodia. They are really replicas of the real thing. I don’t know why they chose to build a port and KLIA, they aren’t really famous but the detail of those structures… I have no words to describe it >.<

8. Remember to keep an eye out for promotions! We bought our tickets online from Legoland. RM440 for 4 person, for both theme park, applicable to adult and children. Quite cheap :)

Yup I guess that’s about it. Just keep your expectations to a minimum and just have fun! :D The place is really kind of cute and being a sort of Lego fan myself, I enjoyed myself. It could do with more rides related to their more famous series such as Star Wars and Harry Potter but I guess those belonged to other theme parks such as Disneyland and Universal Studios.

Shall end this post with a picture of me at Miniland beside some super adorable buildings <3 p="">
(It was raining, a drop of rain must have obscured part of my camera. The towel was my ‘umbrella’. Just 'cow bathed' at the shower because there is just too many people and that explains the wet hair)

OH YES! Go Legoland as soon as possible because even know it is still ‘young’, I noticed at some areas, the paint is chipped off and one of the floor boards of one of the rides is loose! Even the colour of the Lego has faded due to prolonged sunlight exposure :( Let’s just hope it’s maintenance remains up to par for an internationally owned theme park but because they are more used to building parks for temperate countries and not tropical countries, who knows what will happen right? Still, Legoland Malaysia is too cute to suffer from an early demise.


(And please correct me if I used any English words wrongly in this and any other blog post. Really serious about wanting to improve my English. Serious.)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

2nd-post-of-the-year Update

Hi all! You must have thought that I've gone off the blogging world and you are ALL WRONG!


Actually well you are right. I am not blogging per se now. I'm hiding in an obscure corner of the Tumblr world now, using it like Instagram (posting random photos of what I find interesting, what I eat, and random stuff). Why not Instagram, you ask? Because Instagram barred me from using it. The story goes like this: Once upon a time, 3 years ago (plus minus) I heard about this app called Instagram so I decided to download it on my dad's iPhone. I registered, signed in, didn't know what all the hype is all about (since none of my friends were using it then) and then proceeded to write an e-mail to Instagram, telling them I would like to deregister my account from Instagram. And they did =D


And last year when EVERYONE is switching from posting photos from Facebook to Instagram, I thought, oh let's create another Instagram account! When I did, they said that I am not allowed to register because I deregistered before...

Oh the depression that befall upon me...

Actually I didn't care hahaha so whatever. So yea, like I said, I am now currently hiding in the Tumblrverse acting like a cuckoo person who is not using Tumblr as I am supposed to.

But once in awhile, like now, I feel like typing out lengthy, heartfelt (eh?) post and Tumblr is definitely not the place to do so. Yea I've tried a few times but a long post just doesn't fit right in Tumblr (I know there is a long post tag but usually it's not used for stuff like this. Maybe a long post about the literary analysis of novels? Haha ok I don't know what am I talking about now).

Oh and also, sometimes I feel like posting photos with my face on the Internet but on Facebook, there are too many people who can see; on Tumblr, I just don't feel like it. And the only place left is here. So if at one point in the future I suddenly blog a big ass photo of my face, you know that's when I feel narcissistic.

And oh, it's good to hone my typing skills again. When I'm using Tumblr, I usually post photos with short captions on my phone! Which increases my chance of getting carpal tunnel syndrome rather than honing my typing skills.

So yea, end of my rant. And see you again in a year? =D