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How I became a barista and how it's like working as one.

It surprises me that people still don't know what does 'barista' means. Barista is defined as 'a person whose job involves preparing and serving different types of coffee'. I was working as one for 5 months and basically, I make coffee and serve it to customers. It's my longest job to date, providing me something legal to do and earning some pocket money during my wait (still waiting for at time of writing. 9 months and counting.)

(I'm putting the word 'legal' in because I'm still feeling a bit bitter about the fact that some of my friends actually took the opportunity to do illegal locum. Hey ho, that's people to you.)

After my final professional examination (which was in August 2015), I told myself to enjoy my holidays but as usual, I got bored and restless and found myself a job as a research assistant. But it wasn't a satisfying job because:

1. I have to travel all the way to PJ on weekdays.
2. Get stuck in the jam for a total of 2 hours…
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Solo Travel is WAY overrated.

Across the Internet, you see people gush on and on about the wonders of solo travel.

Don't believe me? Here are the many examples:

1. From a travel website.

A truly liberating experience: Solo travel is one of most liberating experiences on the planet - you’ve got no responsibilities to anybody but yourself, you can do what you want and leave when you like, and the buzz you get from the sense of freedom is immense.

2, A quote within a nice photo:

(PS: I did travel alone and it was way lonelier than I expected)

3. Another quote:

Inspired by this, I planned a solo trip to Cambodia. Initially, I was even more ambitious and planned a SEA solo trip- Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam and maybe even the Philippines. Obviously, that didn't turn out as plan and I settled with Cambodia only. That was the best decision I made with regards to my trip planning. I am so grateful I didn't have to go through the horror of travelling ALONE.
Haha ok it's not a horror but travel…

Reminiscing brought me back here.

I was wondering what happened to few years back and remember the fact that I actually had multiple blogs back in the days. I actually still have a few blogs running but they are all privatised (For my eyes only) and this is the only true blog I have. I actually still have a semi-active Tumblr account, Twitter and (gasp) Instagram which are updated almost daily and let's not forget Facebook. Other than my 8 hour daily sleep, you will definitely find me on Facebook.

Like I was saying, I was reminiscing about back in the days and checked back in this blog. And it made it sad I didn't keep it updated. Hindsight is witch. It is always telling me things I should have done and THIS (blogging) is also one of the things I should have been more active in. Actively blogging would have helped me record down what I did on a daily or weekly basis.

In fact, it would have helped me in my book writing about my 5 years in dental school. I'm pretty serious here. During my final year, I told …

Happy 2014!

Porky has been too busy lazying about to help me post up a new year post!
Pfft. Now I have to do it myself!
HAPPY 2014! 

Malaysian Aboriginals

Ever thought of Orang Asli or Malaysian Aboriginals?
Until recently, I thought Orang Asli are bumiputras such as Kadazandusuns, Iban, Bajaus, Bidayuh, but not Malays. Sometimes, I even use the terms interchangeably. My mom always gave me a weird look when I talk about my 'Orang Asli' friends from university.
When I went to Taman Negara a while back, I was cleared of my misconceptions. Orang Asli are not the ethnic groups from Sabah/Sarawak. They are Orang Asli, another ethnic group on its own. How come I never knew that? Either I have studied it in Sejarah but don't remember it (Hey, who else remembered the contents of Wawasas 2020 which I tried to etch it into my mind the night before SPM paper? I don't. None of it. Conclusion: No one remembers what is mentioned in sejarah textbook.) or it is not mentioned in our history syllabus. If it is the latter, I am really pissed off because as the first settlers of peninsula Malaysia, shouldn't they provide more weight to…

It's December!

Stating the obvious is one way to start a blog post (as per my opinion). Of course, if it is unacceptable, please tell me. Maybe a philosophical quote would be better, preferably in Latin (Do you know Germans get to learn Latin as a second language? So cool! A German couple told us when my family were in Taman Negara). Or maybe to you, the sentence ‘It’s December!’ is worth deciphering from the philosophical point of view. Let me just tell you: There is none. I really am just stating the obvious because I have no idea what to write as the title (as always).
So why am I here again? One is because I just went to a happy place! And happy events are always worth blogging down. Oh ok ok, I am also happy during the other times I am not blogging too. So what other reason made me want to blog today? Well, long story short: My lecturer said my English is not up to standard. Yup. Personally I think my English is not too bad (Definitely better than the Malaysian population). But who knows right…

2nd-post-of-the-year Update

Hi all! You must have thought that I've gone off the blogging world and you are ALL WRONG!


Actually well you are right. I am not blogging per se now. I'm hiding in an obscure corner of the Tumblr world now, using it like Instagram (posting random photos of what I find interesting, what I eat, and random stuff). Why not Instagram, you ask? Because Instagram barred me from using it. The story goes like this: Once upon a time, 3 years ago (plus minus) I heard about this app called Instagram so I decided to download it on my dad's iPhone. I registered, signed in, didn't know what all the hype is all about (since none of my friends were using it then) and then proceeded to write an e-mail to Instagram, telling them I would like to deregister my account from Instagram. And they did =D


And last year when EVERYONE is switching from posting photos from Facebook to Instagram, I thought, oh let's create another Instagram account! When I did, they said that I a…